Join us for a Blether in Edinburgh

On Saturday 2nd February, between 2pm and 4pm the SDA will be holding a Blether in Edinburgh for members and interested persons. Join us and have your say on issues along the path to Independence. Location is Cafe Flip, 54 Clerk Street, Newington, Edinburgh - good coffee and chat.

Confirmation of SDA Diplomatic Strategy

On 22 January, at a lecture at Glasgow University, Ambassador David Scheffer, Mayer Brown/Robert A. Helman Professor in Law gave an enlightened picture of Scotland's path as a sovereign state. Scotland as a sovereign state, which went into partnership with a larger domineering neighbour, but is now on the path to resuming its position as a sovereign state. James Trolland, SDA deputy chair attended and can advise that the lecture content confirms the long stated position of the SDA on self-determination for Scotland.

As one of the oldest nation states in the world, Scotland's progress can be likened to a stairway. The first long flight of steps was Scotland climbing successfully as a sovereign nation. From 1707, we have been crossing a landing together with a neighbour. Now we are getting ready to resume our path upwards on the next flight of steps, again as a sovereign nation.  

As part of the current process of re-structuring of the SDA as a politically active party, a Diplomatic Team is being created to formulate SDA Diplomatic Strategy, towards and post - Independence. The lead position in this team will be advised shortly.

Supporting Yes Campaign at Helensburgh

The SDA will be supporting the YES campaign meeting on the 7th February, 7pm, in the

Victoria Halls, Helensburgh. Come join us at our table and hear from speakers such as Blair



Also at Helensburgh, the SDA will be hosting a Blether during the evening of the 12th

February, starting at 7.30pm, in the lounge of the Commodore Hotel. Join us and have your

say about current issues.

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