The SNP and Euromove

The SNP, under pressure from the US-created and US financially backed Euromove organisation, has fallen foul of “the EU, right or wrong” ideology, which simply won’t wash in the light of the new and developing system of worldwide interdependence and global governance.

The sub-regional EU did not invent the standards of working conditions that it is by implication claiming. Like so much else in its “legislation” it is simply repeating established international norms that have been handed down to every individual state by institutions higher up the global scale, and are binding on every national government irrespective of the EU. The principal such institution is the United Nations International Labour Organisation, which has been setting the global standards for industrial working conditions since WW1, long before there ever was a European Union. Nowadays a whole list of other institutions at global level are also contributing to these norms.

Furthermore, UK legislation governing working conditions has been in force since 1802, the Factory Inspectorate was set up by the 1833 Factories Act, and this was followed by dozens of acts of parliament that pushed standards up still further, right to the present day. It is pure charlatanry to claim that only the EU stands between workers and oppressive working conditions, for even worse to claim that the EU invented the relevant modern standards. God help us if this is the sort of argument that is going to determine the future of Scotland.

Lastly, there is no such institution as a European Court of Justice. The EU internal arbitration tribunal, despite its euphonious title, covers only EU-internal regulations, but it has no jurisdiction whatever over non-members or over Europe as a whole.


Comment by Dr James Wilkie SDA Honorary Chairman in 'The Flag in the Wind' of 21st April 2016:

The Increasing Irrelevance of Continuing EU Membership

The controversial pro-EU leaflet put out by the UK government claims that continued membership of the EU will guarantee a “stronger” and “safer” UK, as if those aspects are the exclusive prerogative of that organisation - the reality could not be more glaringly different:

Improving our lives” - a reference to, as from next year, “roaming charges will be abolished across the EU, saving mobile phone users “up to 38p a minute on calls”. The EU was first asked to abolish roaming charges by a global body, the International Telephone Users Group (INTUG) way back in 1999, but it so dragged its feet that eventually INTUG approached another global body, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  The OECD then involved another global body, the International Telecommunications Union, which used the rules of a fourth, the World Trade Organisation, to ensure that by 2013 roaming charges were being abolished right across the world - with the EU way back at the end of the queue.

Stronger in Europe” - a claim that, if we were to leave the EU, disabled people would somehow lose their rights, but these are enshrined in the 2010 Equality Act, putting into UK law the UN Convention on the Rights of the Disabled, which must be implemented by all UN-member states in any case, as the EU itself admits.

Another pro-EU organisation, the BBC, was recently having fun with a lamentably inadequate history of all those long-controversial EU regulations on the length, shape or otherwise of fruit and vegetables, such as cabbages, cucumbers and bananas.  The point it was trying to make was that Brussels had finally recognised these rules as being “a little bit daft”, and so very sensibly repealed them.  But what the BBC failed to tell us was that the reason they were all scrapped was that they have now been replaced by new standards handed down from another global body, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) based in Geneva - not in Brussels.  In many ways UNECE plays a greater part in making our laws than Brussels, over everything from marketing standards to vehicle design.

What everyone on both sides of the IN/OUT campaign has been missing, is the astonishing scale on which the making of our laws has been passed up to a global level, to scores of mysterious organisations which then hand down rulings to be implemented by lesser regional bodies, such as the EU.  Outside of that organisation, both the UK - as well as an independent Scotland! - could, as countries in their own right, directly apply for individual membership of especially the World Trade Organisation, which is already the nearest entity to being a world government.

Reasons why an independent Scotland should not be a member of the European Union

The SDA is implacably opposed to Scottish membership of the European Union (EU).  In contrast, the SNP is dangerously ignorant of the broader implications of independence that go beyond the glorified local government level that is devolution.  It is totally in hock to the so-called European Movement (Euromove) that dictates its EU-favourable policy.

Euromove was from the beginning a creation of the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS), invented by OSS head, William “Wild Bill” Donovan, just after the Second World War, and continued by its successor the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) when Frank G. Wisner was head of clandestine operations there; Euromove being funded by that body as well as through the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), which was, from the beginning, financed by US intelligence as well as by the likes of the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations and other agencies with close contacts to the US Administration.  The EU is, therefore, an American driven development, and it is still American policy to keep it under US control.  Papers revealing those facts were discovered among recently released material by a researcher at Georgetown University, one of the top Ivy League universities in the US.  The ongoing negotiations being carried out, mostly in secret, between the US and the EU to set up a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is just the logical extension of what master spy Donovan started after 1945; an arrangement if it receives legislative authority will amount to the end of democracy as we know it, and lead to the dictatorship of American turbo capitalism.

It is essential that the eyes of the SNP membership are opened to the manner in which the European Movement (so-called) has pulled the wool over the eyes of the SNP leadership.  The British used to do that with potential political leaderships in the dominions, especially India.  Young maharajahs were educated at Eton and Oxbridge in order to pull them into the English establishment and thereby keep them and their country under control.  Euromove has done exactly the same with the SNP and other Scottish parties for years on end by offering them prestigious active and representational positions to give them the illusion that they are doing something important.

It is a little known fact that 80% of EU “legislation” is simply taken over from institutions higher up the global order and presented as the EU’s own.  One of the hardest facts is that non EU, but European Free Trade Association (EFTA) members, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and even tiny Liechtenstein have far more decision making clout than any EU member.   The reason being that they have voting power in their own right in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and a huge number of similar global institutions where the real decisions are made before being taken over by the sub regional EU, which has no power to alter them.  EU member states do not have this right to protect their own interests, because they are bound by the EU "common policies" rule that obliges them to support a single EU policy line at the higher decision making level within a whole range of global institutions.  And that single EU policy will not be formulated for the benefit of the smaller member states if that is not in line with the interests of Germany and France.

Only one of the five major European institutions is basically free of US domination, i.e., the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, which forced the recall of Scotland's Parliament and Government at the instigation of the Scotland-UN Committee, the SDA's predecessor.

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