EU's Climate & Energy Anti-People Policy

The EU’s Climate & Energy package, with its very aggressive targets for renewable energy, is driving up energy costs.  It is forcing millions of households and pensioners into fuel poverty.  It is undermining industrial competitiveness in the UK and Europe, and driving energy-intensive businesses, with their jobs and investment, out of the EU altogether.

But it will have little or no effect on the environment, since the EU accounts for only around 13% of CO2 emissions.  Meantime around the world there are some 1200 new coal-fired power stations in the pipeline.

 A European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), under the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, calls for the suspension of the package until other major global emitters, like China and India, take corresponding action. 

The SNP has no authority to make Guarantees

The Scottish Democratic Alliance advise the Scottish Government (SG) that the SNP has no

authority to make any guarantees about whether an independent Scotland will be a member of the

European Union, and that foreign relations are now and will continue to be reserved to the UK

government until Scotland is actually independent; and moreover the SG will not have such authority

thereafter without the approval of the Scottish people in a referendum. 

How Impartial is the Electoral Commission?

Scottish Government Q. "Do you Agree that Scotland should be an Independent country ? Yes/No"

Electoral Commission propose Q. "Should Scotland be an Independent country? Yes/No"

The Electoral Commission are also proposing higher campaign spending limits than the Scottish Government.

Can a UK controlled unelected quango dictate to a mandated Scottish Government?

The impartiallity of the Electoral Commission is open to question as it is selected from r-UK supporters.

There is a proven option: The Scottish Government should call on the services of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) who have a long record of fair and impartial monitoring of national voting activities. They possess the experience and personnel to oversee fair and impartial referendum. Both the Scottish and the UK governments would gain international and domestic credibility by such mature action. Due to the action of the SDA in sending a Memorandum to the Secretary General of the OSCE, requesting that the OSCE monitor the referendum issue, the OSCE are fully cognizant of the situation regarding the referendum due in Scotland in 2014.   
Following a considered debate the Scottish Democratic Alliance Concur with the Scottish Government's decision to accept the ammended question.

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