Scottish Democrats Concur with the Scottish Government on the need for a Constitution

     The Scottish Democratic Alliance welcomes the Scottish Government proposal that a Constitution is required.

     However, the Scottish Democratic Alliance believes that the people of Scotland should be aware of the options proposed in a Constitution before they Vote in the 2014 referendum.

     The clearest way forward is to commence NOW to formulate and debate the content for a draft Constitution of Scotland.

     If we wait until after the referendum then it is likely that the professional politicians will railroad the Constitution process to suit themselves.

    A Constitutional debate is not the occasion for discussing negotiations for Scotland in Europe (European Economic Area).

    The Scottish Democratic Alliance propose that there should be separate discussions on the merits of membership of the European Union (EU) or of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and that the people be given the opportunity to express their opinion by means of a referendum.

    Membership of the EU has been a disaster for Scotland. With over 100,000 jobs lost in the Fishing, Farming and Manufacturing Industries and the ongoing loss of some £2 billion per year in revenues.

    On the positive side, the politicians on the EU gravy train are currently averaging perks estimated at 12,000 Euros per head.

    In 1707 the Scots were betrayed by “the parcel o’ rogues”. After 80 years of dedication are the nationalists going to be sold out to the European Union by their leaders?

    There can be no independence for Scotland if the EU controls 70% of our sovereign rights and the UK government control our money.

EU's Climate & Energy Anti-People Policy

The EU’s Climate & Energy package, with its very aggressive targets for renewable energy, is driving up energy costs.  It is forcing millions of households and pensioners into fuel poverty.  It is undermining industrial competitiveness in the UK and Europe, and driving energy-intensive businesses, with their jobs and investment, out of the EU altogether.

But it will have little or no effect on the environment, since the EU accounts for only around 13% of CO2 emissions.  Meantime around the world there are some 1200 new coal-fired power stations in the pipeline.

 A European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), under the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, calls for the suspension of the package until other major global emitters, like China and India, take corresponding action. 

The SNP has no authority to make Guarantees

The Scottish Democratic Alliance advise the Scottish Government (SG) that the SNP has no

authority to make any guarantees about whether an independent Scotland will be a member of the

European Union, and that foreign relations are now and will continue to be reserved to the UK

government until Scotland is actually independent; and moreover the SG will not have such authority

thereafter without the approval of the Scottish people in a referendum. 

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