Proposal to Boost economy

The Chancellor should consider lowering the tax on fuel by 10 pence per litre.

This would reduce transport costs across the UK, providing a positive boost to all sectors of society. Fuel costs effect every household and every job.

It is likely that the initial loss of revenue would rapidly be offset by the increased revenues resulting from the general improvement to family as well as public and private sector costs. It would likely result in greater job stability and an improvement in the competitiveness of our exports.

March 14 2013

Choice - Democracy or Diktat

The Scottish government have appointed a professor of EU studies to advise ministers on the preparing of terms of entry into the EU if Scotland votes yes to independence.

The Scottish Democratic Alliance submits that the people of Scotland should be given the CHOICE of joining the EU or alternatives such as EFTA, by means of a referendum.

The Scottish Democratic Alliance believes that on such a critical issue the people of Scotland should be given the democratic right to express their opinion. The SNP through the current Scottish Government are dictating to the people.

SDA standing for Democratic Choice.   SNP stance is for Diktat.

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