Yes Campaign Chairman Concurs with SDA on the need for Scotland to have our Own Currency

Dennis Caranvan told the BBC that he considers Scotland should have its own currency as this will provide greater flexibility and more freedom to respond to the needs of Scotland, as well as providing a wider range of economic levers to determine and develop the Scottish economy.

Over the past two years the Scottish Democratic Alliance have stated that sovereign Scotland will be in a stronger economic position with its own currency - the Scots Pound. The Yes Campaign are the latest to join the growing group including the Scottish Democratic Alliance, Scottish Greens, the Scottish Socialist Party and the Reid Foundation in the believe that Scotland should adopt its own currency. 

The Scottish Democratic Alliance will shortly be holding a Blether in Edinburgh to debate money matters. Including a speaker outlining proposals for a future Scottish Monetary policy with our own Central Bank and our own Currency. Details of the Blether to follow.

30 April 2013

The Reid Foundation concur with the SDA's position that Scotland "must have its own currency" after Yes vote

The Reid Foundation commissioned a report from Dr Jim Cuthbert titled "The Mismanagement of Britain", which refers to the performance of the UK economy reflecting chronic, long-term mismanagement of the economy.

Jim Cuthbert said that the Nationalist's economic strategy should be rethought and reversed before the referendum as the UK is far from having the characteristics of an optimal currency area.

Following extensive research the SDA advocates that Scotland should have its own currency the "Scots Pound" a stand alone currency separate from the "Pound Sterling".

The SDA have commissioned the "Scottish Centre for Constitutional Studies", a think tank, to provide a report on the economic case for a separate currency for sovereign Scotland. The report to be presented at the autumn Annual General Meeting 2013 of the Scottish Democratic Alliance.

Proposal to Boost economy

The Chancellor should consider lowering the tax on fuel by 10 pence per litre.

This would reduce transport costs across the UK, providing a positive boost to all sectors of society. Fuel costs effect every household and every job.

It is likely that the initial loss of revenue would rapidly be offset by the increased revenues resulting from the general improvement to family as well as public and private sector costs. It would likely result in greater job stability and an improvement in the competitiveness of our exports.

March 14 2013

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