What is in a name? .scot is coming!

dot scotIf there is one thing that really makes clear what is happening in Scotland in terms of the independence referendum, online at least, it is the imminent arrival of the .scot domain. This is Scotland's coming of age in the digital world and it is a big deal. Names are important. The Scottish Parliament is http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/ and the Scottish Government is http://www.scotland.gov.uk. Murdo Fraser MSP of the Conservative and Unionist party asked at First Ministers Questions about whether the Scottish government would retain .co.uk in it's websites. One could expect that he would hope this would be the case but we would hope and expect that the Scottish Government would indeed be in the lead to adopt the new .scot domain in light of what it represents. Our parliaments web address should be www.parliament.scot and our government should use www.scotland.gov.scot and these changes should be made as soon as practical. For our part the Scottish Democratic Alliance intends to adopt the new .scot domain as soon as we can not least because www.scottishdemocraticalliance.org is quite a mouthful! We encourage others to do the same.

Thank you Cowdenbeath!

Thank YouJames Trolland and the SDA want to send a huge thank you to everyone who turned out and voted in this by election. Especially for the 51 folk who voted for James. It was immensely gratifying to speak to so many people who found what we had to say resonated with their lives and families. Our principle aim in standing the last four elections as we have was to get that message out that a vote for independence is not a vote for the SNP and that thoughtful, considerate people have engaged in the kind of strategic planning for what comes next after independence. Getting that message out is most certainly an uphill struggle when the establishment political partied and media consciously decide to exclude smaller parties. We believe that decisions on who should be elected should be made by the people not the media. The BBC's decision to exclude us from the debate was clearly noted by many and the credibility of the BBC has taken another blow. The result of the by election may have been predictable but the manner in which it was achieved was clearly not the finest hour for democracy in Scotland.

In many respects the result for the SDA was a win and our best result to date. To those who voted SDA, If you aren't already a member why not consider becoming one! Don't wait for someone else. Get active and be the force for change in your community.



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