Michael Niall Aslen

The Scottish Democratic Alliance (SDA) regrets to announce the death on 30 May 2015 of Michael Niall Aslen, one of its leading experts on financial policy. Niall was a silent genius who did an enormous amount of brilliant work for the SDA for years on end under the shadow of a persistent life-threatening illness.   His knowledge of and insight into all things financial pertaining to Scotland was unexcelled.  His ruthless dissection of the GERS (Government Expenditure and Revenue in Scotland) reports on the SDA website ("The Great Deception", "The Great Obfuscation", etc) had repercussions in both London and Edinburgh.  Reports came back to us that one of them resulted in the sacking of those responsible for GERS in St. Andrews House - not surprisingly after the latter had credited the entire cost of the Faslane Trident base to the Scottish budget, for obvious reasons.  Another of Niall's masterpieces was his analysis of the Scotland-UK balance of payments since 1707, when he could find only 9 years in which Scotland ran a deficit with London.  It transpired that this was primarily due to the monies sent north to pay for the building and fortification of Fort George on the Moray Firth.  Fort George was built to house the troops used to suppress the highland clans following the 1745 rebellion. Niall's research indicated that only during that period was there a short-lived reversal of the north-south net flow of monies into the UK Treasury, although the parallel with Faslane is obvious.  Gordon Brown as Chancellor of the Exchequer was so enraged at Niall's inroads into what was being presented as Scotland's finances that he sent a team of hard-man investigators to Niall in Cairnbulg to find out the source of his "illegally leaked" information.  They descended on him without warning.  However, nothing loath, Niall gladly showed them the source of his information - the Treasury website, no less!  Exit Gordon's hard men, speechless and embarrassed.  Niall had no need to resort to espionage, because he had that characteristic of razor-sharp analytical intellect that is often to be found among individuals who are forced by physical disability into an intensive inner life that requires no verbal or written stimulus.  It still seems incredible how he could come up with such strokes of investigative genius while coping with the stress of commuting to Aberdeen every few days for dialysis.  While the SDA is all the poorer for losing him in the flesh, his work is continuing, like the inspiration that he left, and those SDA specialists who are keeping Niall Aslen's aspirations alive have to surmount the justifiably high standards he has set for the creation and administration of the New Scotland to which his life was dedicated.


Human Rights are NOT optional

humanThe SDA draft constitution holds that the ECHR should be enshrined at the heart of Scottish law.  The new Conservative majority government's intent to repeal the Human Rights Act and take the UK out of the ECHR is completely at odds with the principles that the SDA.  The SDA supports any and every effort to oppose this by the Scottish Government and Scotland's Parliament.

See Article 2: The Fundamental Rights, Liberties and duties of the People in our draft Constitution.


The SDA has published a draft constitution for an independent Scotland which has been picked up as the basis of a crowdsourced constitution project called The Peoples Constitution of Scotland ~ http://www.ThePeoplesConstitution.co.uk/ This is a particularly interesting project opened to anyone to comment and vote on particular aspects of a constitution and make further proposals to improve on what is there. There may well be aspects of this draft that you disagree with. That is fine but we would urge you to get involved. Engage with the process. Make alternative suggestions and tell your friends about it. Above all start thinking about what comes next. Now is the time to be really thinking about these solutions.

VE Day

VE - we celebrate that 70 years ago the war in Europe ended, but the peace has eluded us.

There have been a number of treaties since the war, mainly concerned with the reunification

of the Soviet controlled DDR and the Western construct the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany),but no peace treaty with the Deutsche Reich, which still exists as the de jure German state - the BDR may well govern but only de facto

Germany is therefor not a fully sovereign state but occupied enemy territory and has been for a human lifetime, mostly by Washington and London, there not being any Russian soldier or base on German soil.

Isn't it about  high time that the German people be granted their "one sunny day" of full sovereignty for celebrations too?

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