Referendum 2014 - Aye for Independence

SDA aye BUTTON 01smallimageThe SDA offers to 2014 independence referendum voters an alternative vision – a vision of a Scotland quite distinctive from its current persona. It offers a second enlightenment to Scots with the imagination to consider new ways of governing a modern community unencumbered by the 300 years of feudal society and privilege which is fast destroying the United Kingdom. In old fashioned political parlance, the SDA promote policies, some of which could be termed ‘right’ and others which could be seen as ‘left’. 

The SDA, the party of true Independence, considers sovereignty to be the essence of independence. A Scottish government adopting SDA policies or administered by SDA members will not permit foreign military bases within its territory other than by invitation in times of war or National Emergency - all as provided for, in a new written Constitution for Scotland. Of course the administration will remain free to enter into trade and defence agreements other than under terms which prejudice this sovereignty. That sovereignty extends to the National Currency and the issue of banking licences granted under the terms of the Constitution of Scotland whereby their National Currency shall remain sovereign and protected from predation or manipulation by private interests - whether domestic or foreign.

The SDA is please to launch its own campaign for independence under the banner "Aye for Independence" Click the link to join us on our Aye for Independence facebook page.

Meme's: See a great selection of pro independence meme's to share with your Facebook friends. go to photo's to see them all.

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