Social Welfare

The SDA supports the principles of the welfare state, social justice and health care insofar as they can be financed and that it does not inhibit the will to work or stultify innovation.

The SDA advocates that there needs to a restructuring and redefinition of the Social and Welfare system in order to improve the quality of the services for those genuinely in need of care and support whilst ensuring the timely return of those who are fit and healthy back into full or part time employment.

The current system is overly bureaucratic and difficult to use, particularly for the elderly and those with learning difficulties. The system is open to misuse and often appears to be driven by political party point scoring rather than genuine concern for the actual welfare and social needs of the general public.

A factor, which is becoming more apparent, is that it is too easy to obtain and retain benefits. There needs to be a reappraisal and a move to return to a more stringent system of appraisal where only those in genuine need receive benefits. Over the years the work culture has been eroded and it has become easier to obtain benefits rather than seek work.

Social Policy - Executive Summary 

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