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The SDA believes that high quality health care is essential for the future of Scotland and the well-being of its people. We believe Scotland has a health service to be proud of, and dedicated staff who deserve our full support.

Our health service has suffered at times and in places from administrative procedures that sometimes fail the patients, and from management decisions that have frustrated the clinicians and reduced their motivation and effectiveness. There is too often a lack of clear lines of command and authority within our hospitals.

The management of NHS services should be re-organised, and slimmed down. It should focus more on outputs than on process. We believe that clinicians should concentrate their skills and energies on patient care, and qualified, professional managers should organise and administer the hospitals and care services, in close consultation with the clinicians.

The SDA believe that senior clinicians with extensive administration experience would be the preferred and most suitable persons to administer our hospitals and care services.

The primary objective must be to put patients' needs first.

The annual report 2009 of the Chief Medical Officer Scotland provides an inciteful overview of the health of the Scots.

Health Policy
Health - Executive Summary 


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