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The Scots have a long and proud military tradition. Today, the danger to Scotland of involvement in a major global war has receded, but it has been replaced by other threats to security like terrorism, cyber-warfare, organised international crime, the illicit drug trade, uncontrolled migration, trafficking in persons, and other threats that are not susceptible to military solutions. The current situation is continuously evolving and requires constant review.

National and international security and defence are closely inter-related and can only be effectively countered by an interactive combination of law enforcement agencies, intelligence services and military forces.

Neutrality is not a realistic option and sovereign Scotland will requires allies, achievable by engaging in bi-lateral treaties with our North Atlantic neighbours, for mutual protection. Sovereign Scotland will be well able to afford and provide capable security and defence assets.

The Scottish Defence Force (SDF) the SDA envisages would be an interactive combined arms force of a comparable capability to those employed by Scandinavian countries, which are similar to Scotland in respect of population, topography and sea areas. The SDF would operate primarily as a land force and a naval force, with both forces supported by suitable air assets and civilian services.

The Naval and Coastguard vessels for the SDF can be built in Scotland, and the equipment for the army, air defence, naval and coastguard units of the SDF can all be serviced and maintained in Scotland, providing job opportunities and creating wealth within our local communities.

The SDA is totally opposed to weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear). The obsolete Trident nuclear system at Faslane and Coulport must be removed when we regain our sovereignty.


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