Scotland in the World

The unit of political organisation is now the world.  And this global political system has a name: it is called Interdependence.  It rests on a foundation of around 200 constitutionally sovereign states, members of the United Nations Organisation, the central institution of what is already an increasingly complex system of world government.

Scotland, as a natural and quite distinct geographical, social, economic, cultural and hence political entity, fits comfortably into the new world order.

The Scottish Democratic Alliance (SDA) is fully committed to Scotland's membership of the United Nations, which is rightly seen as the hallmark of an independent state. Scotland, as a developed and cultured member of the world community, will provide both moral and practical support for the ideals and ongoing work of the UN within the means of a nation of 5 million people, acting in concert with the other members of the global family.

The SDA is fully committed to Scotland's membership of the Commonwealth and thereby to continued support for the concept of a shared heritage and values on which Scotland has historically exerted a major influence.

The above will require the establishment of a Scottish Foreign Ministry and Diplomatic Service on the lines of those maintained by developed countries of a similiar size. The Scottish diplomatic representatives abroad must ensure that their country is adequately represented on a political, economic and cultural basis.



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