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"Scotland in Europe" is not an empty phrase. Scotland is in Europe whether we like it or not. That does not mean that we have to be a part of the undemocratic 27-member European Union (EU) representing just over half of the total number of european states.


It is SDA Policy that Scotland should apply for membership of the Nordic Council and enhance its links with its Nordic neighbours.  We consider it imperative that the administration of the north-east Atlantic waters should be vested in a partnership of Scotland, the Faeroes, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Greenland.  The SDA also considers that Scotland should apply for associate membership, or at least observer status within the Arctic Council, on the gounds that Scotland's territorial waters are the only ones of a non-member that borders on that Council's sea area. 

Co-operation on an all-European basis: The principal ones with which Scotland has to concern itself currently are the 47-member Council of Europe (CoE), the 56-member United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the 57-member Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the 27-member European Union (EU), the 30-member European Economic Area (EEA), the 4-member European Free Trade Association (EFTA), and the 28-member + 22-partner North AtlanticTreaty Organisation (NATO).

Active Cooperation at Continental Level: The SDA advocates Scottish membership of all of the existing European regional institutions with the obvious exception of the so-called European Union. None of this is intended to deny the undoubted benefits that the EU has brought to continental countries in some fields, and especially the good work it has carried out in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, but the balance of considerations for Scotland’s purposes is that membership is, and in the EU’s present transient form will remain, contrary to Scotland’s interests in the longer term.

The 27-member European Union (EU) is half the size of the major European regional organisations and, with the ongoing withdrawal of the UK from membership, now represents just under half of the total number
of European states, and of the overall European population. The sub-regional EU is not “Europe” in any sense and should never be described as such. Such a false usage is a clear indication of an underlying political intention to develop the EU into a centralised western European state, which is underlined by current proposals to establish an EU army and other armed forces.

The centrally organised and flagrantly dictatorial destruction of two thirds of the Scottish fishing industry for the benefit of richer EU members, (with half of the remaining third now in foreign ownership), as well as
gross mismanagement in Brussels, has reduced Scotland’s wealth-creation capacity by considerably more than £2,500 million every single year as well as destroying tens of thousands of jobs, killing an entire way
of life, and destroying centuries-old fishing communities and cultural traditions.

EU membership has been, and continues to be, Scotland’s worst economic disaster for centuries. In fact, the notorious highland clearances have now been repeated in fishing towns and villages all round the coast through EU vandalism.

The SDA insists that this economic haemorrhage has to stop, and that all consideration of future Scottish membership of the political EU be dropped forthwith.

It is right and proper to prepare plans for action along different lines of possible future developments, but always bearing in mind the reality of the moment, which is that Scotland can take no practical steps on its own behalf until a more definite picture emerges of what the rest of the present United Kingdom is going to achieve through the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

The full range of SDA policy proposals with regard to "Scotland in Europe" can be read by downloading the PDF file entitled "Scotland in Europe", seen in the attachment sections below:


Devolution and the Labour Myth 
SDA Memorandum to the Council Of Europe & the OSCE 
Download this file (Scotland in Europe.pdf)Scotland in Europe[SDA Paper on Europe]278 kB

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