The SDA believe that an efficient, integrated, modern transportation network is key to the economic success of any country and especially vital to Scotland's future prospects due to our widely distributed cities, rural and island communities.

The SDA propose that every aspect of transportation be it road, rail, sea or air will receive the necessary investment it requires to meet the needs and aspirations of a growing and thriving economy. 

To encourage growth in the economy and assist with reducing living costs to all households, the SDA propose that the price of petrol and diesel at the pumps, be capped at one pound (£1) per litre. Further, we propose to eliminate the Road Licensing tax on commercial vehicles. This will reduce the cost burden on all businesses and households, and bring much needed relief to our cities, rural and island communities.

The SDA propose, along with changes in taxation, changes of ownership of key components of the infrastucture to allow Scotland's government to achieve a level of integration of all networks to ensure seamless movement of peoples, goods and services, throughout our land.


Transport - Executive Summary