Scotland is an energy rich country which suffers from fuel poverty, high energy costs and has over 250,000 of our children living in poverty, many in cold damp houses.  Our energy policy is controlled by the UK government with only minimal control devolved to the Scottish government.

    A sovereign Scotland will be self-sufficient in energy with abundant reserves of established energy assets including hydroelectric, nuclear, coal, oil and gas. We will be able to develop sustainable alternative energy resources such mirco-hydro, wave, tidal stream and deep rock geothermal power, clean coal technologies, carbon capture and storage and alternative liquid fuels. We do not support highly subsidised unsustainable energy sources.

    Scotland still possesses at least 35 years of oil and gas reserves. The SDA advocates that we reduce the 75% oil tax grab and work with the oil industry in order to develop a balanced tax policy which will encourage sustainable development.

    The SDA supports the use of renewable sources of energy and encourages credible sustainability in this field. We are opposed to environmentally damaging developments such as large wind-power schemes in scenically sensitive areas.


Energy - Executive Summary