Economy & Taxation

Scotland is a small wealthy nation with abundant natural reserves, providing a massive annual surplus balance of payments into the UK treasury, yet Scotland struggles with low economic growth, some 250,000 children live in poverty, due to the inimical UK government policies. We need control of our own assets and policies.

As in other nations across the world the Scottish economy has been subjected to a Spend/ Borrow/ Tax culture, which has contributed to our current economic crisis. Out of control bankers and politicians driven by self-interest! The SDA will seek to strengthen the controls on our financial institutions and politicians. The SDA advocates that we change to a low tax economy and spend our tax revenues on cost effective public services in Scotland.

Scotland has the resources, the skills and the people to stand on our own feet. All Scots should read our report "The Great Obfuscation" which exposes the untruths perpetrated by the UK government and their Unionist puppets regarding Scotland's ability to function as an independent state.



Scotland's Hijacked Oil Revenues
Economy and taxation - summary  
Scotland's PFI/PPP Debt Burden
The Great Deception
The Great Obfuscation
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