Farming Highlands

At a time when the world is facing a food shortage the previously highly productive Scottish agriculture industry is in decline. The decline is due to a combination of factors including excessive bureaucracy and often inappropriate regulations coupled to rising costs, inadequate financial returns, low wages and the lack of new entrants into farming. The SDA will work with the farming associations to seek an approach which will address these issues and provide a sustainable industry.

The European Union (EU) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has been disastrous to Scotland's farming industries.  Excessively bureaucratic, with grants being given to the big farmers and landowners often at the expense of the small farmers who were meant to be the beneficiaries.  Long established dairy and beef herds being slaughtered as they are no longer cost effective.  We need to get out of the EU so that we can start to rebuild our farming and rural industries again.    

Today, an average Scottish family of four is paying an extra £23 per week on their food bills as a result of being in the EU.