In recent days there has been much talk about whether Scotland and its people have the right to hold and run a referendum on the question of independence or otherwise.  Neither the Westminster or the Holyrood governments appear to be fully aware of the full legal position under international law, which is superior to UK law.

In reality the decision has been made and is clear under international law.

The Scots and the Scottish government have the right under the Charter of the United Nations to hold a referendum without interference from the Westminster parliament.

The following three documents explain the full legal story, and we recommend that you read the Self-determination pdf first.

Download this file (Scotland's Status.pdf)Scotlands Status[Scotlands Status]191 kB
Download this file (Self-determination_R.pdf)Self-determination_R.pdf[Self Determination]234 kB
Download this file (State succession.pdf)State succession.pdf[State Seccession]209 kB

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