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Past Events

Blether in Aberdeen - Wednesday 20 November, from 7 70 8.30 pm - The Caledonian Thistle Hotel, Union Terrace, Aberdeen.

Blether in Inverness - December - details to follow.

Blether Held in Perth on Saturday 19th October in the George Hotel, Perth, between 2 - 4 pm. An occasion to celebrate the first year as a political party and discuss current events.

Blether Held in Inverness on Tuesday 8th October. Thistle Hotel Lounge

Blether Held in the Bridge of Don on Wednesday 9th October. At the Alex Collie Sports and Community Centre.

Blether in Edinburgh. After the March & Rally on the 21st September. Details TBA.

Blether held at Inverurie. Primary topics were Welfare benefits and the Minimum Working Wage.

Blether held at Inverness. Topics ranged from Welfare benefits to fishing industry.

Blether held at Rosehearty. Davron Hotel, 28th August. Lively interactive meeting.

Blether due in Aberdeen Donside Constituency in October. Tell us what you want to talk about.

Blethers held in Aberdeen and Portsoy. Topics ranged from Fishing, the Scots Pound, setting up a North East Scotland Branch, Energy and what it means to the NE and EFTA-EEA or EU-EEA.

Blether held in London - topics Defence and EFTA.

Blether held in Fraserburgh - topics Taxation, Fishing & EFTA.

Meeting held in Perth, 18th August. Topics discussed being Independence, Currency and Constitution

Blether in Dumfries - details to follow.

Members and supporters expecting to attend any of the above Blethers or who wish to inquire about a blether in their local area please contact info@scottishdemocraticalliance or phone 07971 558010

North East Scotland Branch Meeting

On Saturday 29th June the SDA North East Scotland branch will meet at Forrestview House, Aquhythie, Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, AB51 5NY.

All members and interested persons are welcome to attend between 2pm and 4pm.

The party leader James Trolland will be in attendance.


Blether about Money matters

A Blether was held in Edinburgh during the month of May on the need for and benefit to Scotland of having our own currency. A stand alone Scots Pound will provide a wide range of economic levers to allow our economy to develop the way we want and need it to develop for our benefit 

The SDA monetary proposals were discussed including the associated issues relating to both domestic and international usage of a separate Scottish currency.

The Yes Campaign chairman Dennis Canavan is the latest to agree with the SDA that Scotland should have its own currency.

30 April 2013

The March Blether in Edinburgh

The March Blether in Edinburgh will be held on Saturday 9 March 2-13 at the Flip Cafe, between 2pm to 4pm. The Flip Cafe is at 54 Clerk Street, Newington, Edinburgh and serves good coffee and bickkies.

Blether Schedule for 2013

Edinburgh, 2nd February. A well attended and lively blether.

Helensburgh, 12th February. A lively meeting which attracted new members.

Banff, Saturday 23rd February. Plenty of good chat.

Oban, Saturday 2nd March, 2pm to 4pm at the Royal Hotel, Oban.

Aberdeen, 4th March, Monday 7pm, Carmelite Hotel, Stirling Street.

Edinburgh, Saturday 9 March, 2-4pm, Flip Cafe at 54, Clerk Street, Newington, Edinburgh..

Edinburgh, May Blether on Money matters. Details to follow.


What are Blethers

     Blethers are informal meetings held at a variety of public venues in cities and towns across Scotland. The Blethers are open to members of the Scottish Democratic Alliance and all members of the public.

    The object of the Blethers is to provide an informal opportunity to discuss and thus obtain a clearer understanding of the issues and range of options available regarding Independence.

     This process will assist Scots to make an informed decision at the 2014 Referendum, when we will vote whether to govern ourselves or continue to be governed by others.

     The Blethers in 2013 will take two forms:

1. Informal meeting of between 4 to 8 local persons discussing issues raised by the attendees.

2. Larger meetings dealing with a specific issue of national interest.

    It is proposed to hold Blethers in Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen, Inverness, Oban, Glasgow, Dumfries and other towns when requested.

Details of these and other Blethers will be advised later.

Topics for the larger focused meetings will include:

1. The Constitution.

2. The Economy and Money.

3. Shipbuilding in Scotland.

4. Cost Effective Energy.

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