Advantages for Scottish Fishing Sector on Leaving EU

Reply to Warning from Peterhead Retired Skipper (Aberdeen Evening Express, Wednesday 8th May 2017)

Retired Peterhead Skipper, John Buchan has stated that, in his opinion, "it would be downright reckless for the Scottish fishing industry to jeopardise current EU trade deals and EU markets for their seafood produce, in a naive belief tTrawlershat it will be easy to find alternatives, post Brexit."

Anybody with half a brain should be able to see that with a properly managed and sustainable fisheries under full UK control, free of  EU regulation and requirements, markets will be beating a path to our door, both European and worldwide.  People must understand that the European Union (EU) is only a block of 27 member states.  Europe, as a whole, consists of 51 countries.  Think of the regenerative effect that regaining full UK sovereignty rights over the North Sea and North Atlantic fishing waters would have on the towns of Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Macduff and Buckie.  It's a "no brainer".  Perhaps the SNP's recent slide in fortunes in the North East could be halted if that political party changed it's stance on remaining in the EU, and adopted the slogan "It's Scotland's Fish"

B Watson, Aberdeenshire