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NordicThe Scottish Democratic Alliance (SDA) has revised its policy proposals regarding "Scotland in Europe".  The revision takes into account the fluidity of the ongoing UK Brexit developments, and lays out a vision of an independent Scotland within Europe, but outside the European Union.  This to counter the nonsensical stance of the SNP in relation to the EU, and that party's view that a so called 'independent' Scotland can benefit from remaining part of that failing union, while the rest of the UK sets out on a different path.

The full range of SDA policy proposals can be found by clicking on the following link which points to the 'Policies' section of this web site, specifically the "Scotland in Europe" part:

Interested readers of this web site should download the PDF file "Scotland in Europe", which can be found in the attachments section of the "Scotland in Europe" page, underneath a short condensed compilation of some of the content of that document.  Alternatively, skip the actual policies page, mentioned, and just download the "Scotland in Europe" PDF file, shown, attached, below:

Download this file (Scotland in Europe.pdf)Scotland in Europe[SDA Policy Proposals]278 kB

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