SNP Leader and 1st Minister criticised over EU Stance

SNP Leader Indulged in same ‘Scare Tactics(Aberdeen Press & Journal, Newspaper, Tuesday 14 June 2016)

Sir – As an elderly citizen who has voted and worked for Scottish independence since the mid 1960s, I would like to express my anger and disgust having watched the leader of the SNP on the recent EU referendum debate indulging in the exact same scare tactics which have deprived Scotland of independence in every referendum in which I have been involved.

The memory of Nicola Sturgeon talking about ‘scare’ tactics during her ‘YES’ campaign is still fresh in everyone’s minds.  Even worse, after campaigning with such vigour for Scotland to leave Britain, she had the audacity to tell 'LEAVE' supporters that there is strength in numbers.

I am sorry to say that Sturgeon has ceased to be an asset to the SNP Party.

D Douglas, Aberdeenshire.

Greatest Sell-Out of a National Resource (Aberdeen Press & Journal, Newspaper, Tuesday 14 June 2016)

Sir – Ever since the United Kingdom joined the Common Market, as it was then called, as a fisherman I have consistently spoken out against the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

As an industry we did not want the CFP.  We had everything to lose and little to gain, for it was the greatest sell-out of a priceless national resource and industry ever perpetuated on the British people.

The Common Fisheries Policy was born of expediency because of the greater issues of Europe.  Britain no longer controls her fishing destiny, for it has been sacrificed to the European Union.  The CFP has been tried and found to be an abject failure.  Our fishermen were persecuted by a system that does not work.  Thousands of fishermen have been forced out of the industry, along with many other ancillary trades, and our coastal communities have been decimated.

This European Union is an empire out of control.  This is not a people’s Europe, but rather a politician’s Europe, and is absolutely for their own ends.

However, this referendum is about whether we govern ourselves or not.  If Europe does to this country what it has done to my industry, we shall be asset stripped, but far worse – democratically.

J. Thomson, Lossiemouth

None of this is new money – it is ours (Aberdeen Press & Journal, Newspaper, Tuesday 14 June 2016)

Sir – We hear much exaggerating or inventing figures over the cost involved in EU membership.  It is actually ‘just’ £161million a week they say, not £350million. So which of us is correct? Neither.

In October 2015, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) issued a report showing that membership of the EU actually cost us “£367million per week”, considerably more than the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) suggest, while on April 26 this year Sir Andrew Dilnot, Head of the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) gave the figure of “£19.1billion per year”, around the same figure that UKIP claim, when giving evidence to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee.

But the ‘IN’ crowd would have you believe the ONS and UKSA are ‘wrong’.  But whatever the true figure, and whether it counted before or after the rebate and the money we get returned from the EU, the fact is that it is all, every penny of it, our money.

Nothing we get returned is “new money” or coming from anywhere except our taxpayer’s pockets.  All the evidence shows we are far better off financially freed from the EU, even when using figures supplied by those who want to stay in.

I have no evidence to support the claim that that the Institute for Fiscal Studies is biased in favour of the EU when it keeps reporting disaster and ruin if we leave, but it is a fact that the body has been financially supported by the EU since 2007, currently to the tune of 7.4million euros per year.

And one final point; if leaving is really as bad as Mr Cameron wants us to believe, why did he say in December last year, “If I cannot get the reforms this country needs in the EU, then I will campaign to leave” (he didn’t get them) and as recently as January this year, “I believe the UK could prosper outside the EU”?

G. Stewart, Avoch

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