Promises, promises...

Although the Scottish Democratic Alliance did not enter the fray of the General Election, we are not without appropriate policies for the governance of Scotland, but those are purely structured  on the basic premise of the soon to be realised Independence for Scotland. Our subjects will be manifesto points put out by other political parties, often impossibilities like no cuts but yet more borrowing and all promising a "fairer" society.

Independence - is an arrogant UK Prime Minister empowered to prohibit another Referendum? Would another so-called Edinburgh Agreement have any standing in International law?

European Union - does the SG realise that ca 100,000 Scots did elect the first Scottish UKIP MEP?  UKIP refers to a pure  trading arrangement with Europe but does not seem to know about EFTA.

Currency - to pay for it all. At the Referendum the SG failed to spell out which currency an independent Scotland would use. If Scotland would opt for EU membership, its rules dictate that each EU-member state should have its own Central Bank which perforce would have to issue and create a new sovereign currency.

Taxation - where the basis for a truly fairer society has to be laid. Land Value Rent will be a key factor here.

Energy - what is the ideal energy generation mixture going to be? Linked to a nationwide transmission grid or constructed around communal requirements? There are positive prospects for the implementation of Tesla's principles.

NATO/defence - is NATO the best organisation to belong to for our security needs? Membership could entail being  requested to commit Scottish armed forces to fight overseas against "enemies" that we really have no issue with?

We will not be able to cover all aspects beforeMay 7but the election results will no doubt  new policy points will come to the fore. Just watch this space"

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