The Scottish Land Revenue Group May Conference

Rent-rich Scotland: the Best Case Scenario

On Thursday, 21st May, 9.40 am for 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

The National Piping Centre

30-34, McPhater Street, Glasgow, G4 0HW

The presentations and discussions will explore the benefits from expanding the Scottish economy by funding government out of Land Rent Revenues.

Speakers to include: Derek Pretswell, Patrick Harvie, Roger Sandilands, Fred Harrison, Duncan Pickard, Ronnie Morrison, Robert Ingram, Ray Sheath and Robin McAlpine.

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Scotland’s most valuable resources are its people and their land, rural and urban. Competitive demand for that land creates ever-increasing land values and a related stream of unearned rental incomes for its private owners. These community-created rents are our common birthright and ought to be the primary source of government revenue. Instead, we resort to taxes on earned incomes, greatly harming productive work and enterprise. Then unearned incomes are retained and are the source of growing inequality, injustice, resentment, and recurrent financial crises. Rebalancing the financial system would give us the more prosperous and contented nation we need and deserve.

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