A Blether at Perth

 19-10-12 On Friday the Deputy Chair and Chief Executive met with local members of the SDA  to blether about current issues.

Outcomes from the Blether included:

a) Support Yes for Independence.

b) EFTA not EU.

c) Security of Scotland's energy, water and maritime assets.

d) Draft Constitution to be offered for public debate.

e) Citizen's Income.

f) [Scottish] National Sustainability Fund.

                                                             IMG 0517

                                              The Chief Executive with two members of the Perth Bletherin Group.


 17-10-2012 Deputy Chair James Trolland represented the SDA at Brian Taylor's Bog debate - Referendum Special on Friday 19th at Perth.

 15-10-2012 We have now launched the members only forum, when you login to the website you will find an additional option appears called 'Members' under this menu is the option "Forum".

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