Appointment of Political Leader

14-10-2012 The board of the SDA are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr James Trolland as deputy chair and spokesperson on political matters.

10-10-2012 Under Constitution read the explanatory notes extracted from the SDA draft Constitution.

Read the latest status on EFTA 2012

March and Rally for Independence

A letter has been sent to Jeff Duncan congratulating him on a successfull March and Rally for Independence in Edinburgh on the 22nd Sept. SDA members from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Fife were in attendence on the March and at the Rally. During the rally SDA pamplets were distributed and it was enlightening to hear feedback that so many people had read the SDA website.

New Subscription Charging System

The SDA aims to attract members and encourage participation in politics from all strata of our society, to this end we have reviewed our membership charges and have produced what we believe to be a fairer arrangement of fee's. As always we welcome any feedback This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Membership fees:

Standard: £12 per year.  

Life membership: £150.00