Referendum is not an Election


Are You Confused about the 2014 Referendum ?

Regardless of how it may seem from the press reports, the 2014 referendum is not about party politics. The referendum is not an election, although many Scots are under the impression that the referendum is about voting for the SNP. That is not the case, although they will do little to persuade you otherwise.

 The referendum is about you and me choosing whether we want to govern ourselves, or continue to be ruled by Westminster and Brussels.

Only at the Holyrood elections can parties be voted into power, and by 2016 there will be a choice of political parties. The Scottish Democratic Alliance seeking independence from both Westminster and Brussels, the SNP and the Greens seeking partial independence, and the Labour and Conservative parties who believe Scotland should remain a vassal of Westminster, plus other choices.  

 A Yes vote will enable the Scots to raise and spend all of our own revenues. Allow us to trade more competitively in Europe and the Commonwealth as a member of EFTA, rather than the EU with its trade restrictions and crippling red tape. And, an independent Scotland, with its own voice, and control of its own destiny, would re-build its job markets and cooperate with the other states in these Islands in order to deal with matters of mutual concern.

A No vote means things stay as they are, with austerity cuts and Scotland's oil, energy and whisky revenues being used to keep afloat the credit rating of debt ridden Westminster. A continuation of the high costs to business of the regulations from Brussels and the ever increasing sovereign debt we pay due to the ongoing failure of Westminster to regulate the bankers and control overspending.


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27-07-2012 Scottish recovery: Scotland’s chief economist, Dr Gary Gillespie, has commented that although Scotland will not get back to the prosperity levels it had before the financial crisis until 2014, our traditional prudence and higher savings could see Scotland recover quicker than the rest of the UK. Once again the basic Scottish character will provide a positive benefit.

26-07-2012 The first SDA city office has been opened in Edinburgh, Located at Hudson House, 8 Albany Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3QB. The contact number is 0131 473 2375.

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20-07-2012  Two members Ron and Bob will be representing the SDA at a fringe meeting to promote Land value Rent (LRV), during the forthcoming SNP conference at Perth. The use of LRV is a fairer and more effective revenue gathering system for funding local government.